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The hidden corner of teen gay

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The hidden corner of teen gay

Life is always complicated. The concept of "long legs and giants" did not become a symbol of "material and physical exchange" when, but behind the superficial meanings of the stories about " can tim trai bao ho chi minh , call girl" "Noisily in the newspaper, the truth is not always exposed completely and simply, as easily as we mistakenly think. In the world of trade, especially for "teen boys" who learn to work "boys", in that world, not only money, smiles, but also tears, sadness ...

The only path of callboy young deer

Opening the report with a conversation with N (hotboy_19xx .., 19 years old), N chose a quiet little corner in a familiar cafe in the center of the city. N is quite quiet, but his face is as beautiful as the Greek prince, his hair is so Korean, white, pink lips, if he is an ordinary college student, N must be the Hotboy model of countless girls. in class, not to mention he has a very cute voice, good singing and a charming smile ...
But N is not a student, said: "I am a boy. Now I can say that out loud, to my friends, because everyone knows that. I am also willing to accept the words that slander from strange eyes. When I first came to this "road", I cried all my tears every night, not knowing why I was in this place. Now I am more used to it, and more restless with life. truyen dong tinh
N said: “My father passed away early, my mother lives in the countryside to support me and my younger sister. When I went to SG for half a year, my mother was very sick, so I had to study and work to support myself, and also took care of my mother. There are times when I want to drop out of school to take care of my mother, but when I think back to my hometown, what do I do, where can I find money to support my mother, and try my best to give me meals and vegetables for the day, and what the future is like? I decided to stay in SG, run to run nicely, ask all my friends to find a part-time job, run a table, wash dishes, I do everything. Partly because I am not used to the atmosphere here, partly because I have been doing housework very little since I was young. At that time, the future was dark, not sure what to do ...

Fortunately, there is no friend, just let me find a job in a luxury coffee shop, where business people are rich, talkative and cheap. Especially, my boss loves me very much, he raises his salary every few months, considers himself like me, or takes me to go out, shop and things, help me find a stable accommodation, sometimes send money to "buy medicine" for mom ", at that time I was stupid, I didn't know what people meant, just knowing that there were people helping me was so happy ...

For a while, whatever came, one day the official boss ... told me, that he ... loved me, and wanted me to be his "lover", I was so shocked that I almost ran out. from that bar. But he painted the prospect of running out of money, no housing, no jobs, no one raising his mother. I fall in love again. And from there.."

N's story is still long, but it is still easy to see that it is a trap, which many teen call boys are now caught in. If you give it up, the king is guilty, what you do is not to blame, to blame, for those who took advantage of that love to redeem the feelings of the young souls. It is these things, has been a unique path, making friends like N have to follow throughout his life ...

Voluntary ephemera ....

Unlike N, a naturally beautiful and gentle face, TT (20t, DHKT) in the talk every 5 minutes to answer the phone call once, innocent ... "appointment" in front of me, talking very comfortably and A little ... Gypsy. T said: “In the past, I was very gentle, but too gentle, I was bullied by my life. My friends only have a few lives, see me doing this job, all day ... swearing so they stay away from them all. I'm also sad, that's all. ”

T tells me that every night I walk at least 2, 3 dance floors to find guests, with a beautiful, tough face, masculinity, T easily attracts many objects that I keep an eye on. Getting acquainted, talking, asking to go for a drink and ... falling down, the process is like a daily routine of this 20-year-old boy, and the guy tells about it as if it was nothing of great importance.

T also said: “Most of our guests are high-class businessmen, some of whom hold a good Masters and PhD degree. There are people who have wives, children, innocently brag to themselves about those things. I feel disgusting, but I also talk and laugh to make my guests happy. Sometimes I think I find myself doing this job ... so evil, sometimes I can break the happiness of one's family. "

When asked why he did this job, T said frankly: “I am really gay, in the past, because I was young, I was so playful, so I fell in love with these things. Going to discotheque a lot, sometimes listening to a soliciting invitation, seeing earlobes, getting money again, so I tried. I tried it a few times but it didn't work out. Should always follow the profession. I also have 2, 3 close friends who also do this job, each of them has a good phone, a good car, is happy to eat, and no one intends to quit the job, even though he knows this job is very bitter. But this job is like opium, difficult to quit ... ”

And yet to be shocked by the shocking information, we also know that in addition to the older gay guests, T also continues to ... ladies and girls are scared, sometimes still soliciting him, initially found no What feeling should refuse, later saw too much money also risked, riet and acquaintance, T. also continued ....

Enter the glory of callboy ...

Not believing what the "headphones", we decided to "see" once, bi du bu cuso decided to join the group with T and a few "colleagues" to a certain disco. As expected, most of the guys here are mostly "third gender" guys, sometimes with a few girls, probably with a familiar group. There are people who look very young, about 14, 15 years old also sat cross-legged on a chair, sang sang to order luxury and expensive drinks. BH (21 t, kool_baby_xxx ..), said people in the profession often have specific symbols, so that those who have "needs" can easily recognize, come to know and with just 1, 2 sentences are can fall right away. BH refused to disclose what that symbol is, just say if the person who is often looking for "goods" will know right away, but actually practitioners like BH will only contact by phone,

Must see, the headset knows how many "teenage" dance floors have so many teen boys, small kids have, weak yes, tall as supermodels also, focus on all types of dress from style. how to Harajuku, Unisex to clothes ... students. There is no exact statistic that indicates what percentage of them actually come to places like this to have fun, and what percentage is to find "partners" ...

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